Want your rescue to join the Federation?

Membership in the Federation of Responsible Rescues is exclusive, but free. There are no minimum adoption number requirements, but there are standards you must agree to adhere to.

The Code of Conduct sets forth the minimum requirements every rescue must meet to belong to this group:

1. All dogs will be spayed and/or neutered. Failure to alter an animal is not rescue, it's selling an animal. This means puppies must be altered prior to placement.
2. All dogs will have their distemper/parvo, bordetella and rabies shots as is age appropriate.
3. No dogs under the age of 8 weeks will ever be placed in a home or transported.
4. All dogs will be quarantined for a minimum of three weeks prior to placement to ensure that the dog is not ill or harboring any illness.
5. All dogs will be microchipped to ensure the identification of the dog.
6. All dogs are screened for heartworm disease and treated appropriately as required.
7. Any known medical issues will be resolved prior to placement, if treatable, and if not treatable, full disclosure of any chronic illness or injury will be made to the adopter prior to adoption.
8. All dogs will be screened for suitability for placement in a home.
9. All dogs will be honestly and accurately described to potential adopters.
10. In the event the adopter needs to return the dog, the rescue will take the dog back.

If you are interested in joining us and you adhere to these standards, please email federationofrescues@gmail.com. We will contact you to talk to you about membership.