FORR Code of Conduct

All responsible rescues engage in the ethical practice of rescue. To be listed as a responsible rescue on the Federation of Responsible Rescue page, the listed rescues all adhere to the following set of guidelines that adopters can rely on as the highest standard of conduct for animal rescue:

1. All dogs will be spayed and/or neutered. Failure to alter an animal is not rescue, it's selling an animal.
2. All dogs will have their distemper/parvo, bordetella and rabies shots as is age appropriate.
3. No dogs under the age of 8 weeks will ever be placed in a home.
4. All dogs will be quarantined for a minimum of three weeks prior to placement to ensure that the dog is not ill or harboring any illness.
5. All dogs will be microchipped to ensure the identification of the dog.
6. All dogs are screened for heartworm disease and treated appropriately as required.
7. All dogs will be screened for suitability for placement in a home.
8. All dogs will be honestly and accurately described to potential adopters.
9. In the event the adopter needs to return the dog, the rescue will take the dog back.